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Depending on the material, you can use several solutions to sterilize earrings and other body jewelry. Many people consider ionic jewelry cleaners an excellent way to clean jewelry, but they do not sterilize or disinfect. Boiling water and bleach solutions can be used to clean and sterilize.

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This is the best bet to sterilize your jewelry at home. Clean up your cooker thoroughly, and put the jewelry in it with enough water. Make use of autoclave bags to hold your jewelry, and allow maximum steam penetration when you put it in the cooker. Allow for 10 - 12 whistles, letting the jewelry be inside for at least 45 minutes.

Due to the belly rings shape it is also referred to a lot as belly bananas.This jewelry piece comes in many different styles and sizes. Its design possibility is limitless. The belly rings known standard size is 3/8" (10mm). However, we also offer them in sizes 1/2", 9/16" and 5/16" (8mm, 12mm & 14mm) for all piercing stages.

Body jewelry adorns not only your earlobes and navel, but sometimes some other, very private areas of your body. Thus, they must be kept clean to keep you healthy and free of infection. Rubbing alcohol is a common household sterilizing agent, but it might irritate the skin and discolor your jewelry.

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Helix Piercing Body Piercing Magazine
Helix Piercing Body Piercing Magazine
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