Gold Jewelry On Dark Skin

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In karated gold, there is a balance of metals in the non-gold percentage. These metals provide the various colors and hardness of karated golds. Jewelry owners may think that faulty manufacturing or under-karating might be the problem when a ring "turns," blackening or discoloring the skin and clothing, or the jewelry itself.

"Rose gold is amazing -- it pulls out the blushy undertones in so many different skin colors," jewelry designer Ariel Gordon told The Huffington Post. "There's just a harsher contrast against the skin when someone is wearing yellow gold, silver or platinum jewelry. Rose gold is much softer, but still makes a statement."

The makeup or cosmetics you wear can cause discoloration in gold jewelry. Many cosmetics have hard metals that can cut the softer gold. You'll know you're wearing a cosmetic that has metals harder than gold because a dark smudge will appear where the jewelry is near the cosmetic application on the skin.

Warm skin tones have natural undertones of gold and yellow. Yellow gold complements the gold in your skin and is the perfect choice for those with warm skin tones. By choosing jewelry that is made from metals that complement your skin tone, you're ultimately ensuring that your jewelry does not distract from your overall look.

Getting a black line on your skin after the gold anemia test does not necessarily mean you are anemic--take tests at your doctor's office to be completely sure. Make sure that the ring you are wearing is not gold-plated, as the metals underneath the gold plating can cause a reaction on any type of skin.

Skin Turns Black From Gold When gold jewelry causes discoloration of skin, it is due to a chemical reaction between the jewelry and oils on the skin. Most gold jewelry is not actually solid gold and can contain different metals, such as copper or nickel, that react with the skin's natural acidity.

Very Attractive White Henna Designs Festival Essentials
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