Cornflower Blue Sapphire Earrings

Blue Sapphire Briolette Earrings ~ Solid 14K Gold ~ Dangle

Blue Sapphire. Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstone that Is classically beautiful. We have a variety of Sapphires in different shades which include , Royal Blue , Cornflower Blue and a Natural Blue Sapphire. The finest Sapphires have a vivid blue color and are judged by their saturation and tone.

But unlike others, he saved the pebbles. At the end of the season, he sent a box full of these little blue pebbles to New York for expert evaluation. The box was eventually examined by gemologist Dr. George F. Kunz who identified the pebbles as rare cornflower blue sapphires of the highest quality.

The sapphires in this pair of earrings are eye clean! They are 100% authentic and NOT heat treated beautiful Montana blue! also if you like the darker sparkling sapphire (from the El Dorado) just ask.

any special occasion, be it a classic blue sapphire for your engagement ring, or a matching pair of pink sapphires for your earrings. We offer your a wide selection of colours ranging from the highly valued cornflower blue to the rarest brilliant pinks and yellows.

Sapphires come from a family of gemstones called corundums. Typically, all corundums not red in color are classified as sapphires. Though the term "sapphire" generally refers to a "blue sapphire" - they are also available in padparadscha (salmon or sunset color), pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, colorless and black.

Two vibrant, cornflower blue sapphires measuring 5.50mm (1.45 carats total) are set with 156 round brilliant cut diamonds (1.75 carats total weight) in 18k white gold. The fine gemstones and beautifully handcrafted settings make this pair of earrings a "must have!"

Blue Sapphire Briolette Earrings ~ Solid 14K Gold ~ Dangle
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