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Formed by the lower frontal rim of the conch of your ear, the anti-tragus' structure and thickness of the cartilage can vary from person to person. Some people may have ears that enable even a double anti-tragus piercing (looks super awesome!) whereas other ears may not have enough surface area to even get an anti-tragus piercing performed at all.

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The Anti-Tragus Piercing This is a piercing placed in the elevated fold of cartilage that is opposite the tragus. If you place your finger on your earlobe and then slowly move it forward towards the inner ear you will feel the raised cartilage; that is where an anti-tragus piercing is placed.

Anti-tragus piercing is the type of ear piercing which is done on the cartilage part of the ear that is raised. It is based on the opposite side of the tragus, hence the anti-tragus. One of the determinants to having the anti-tragus piercings is the size of the ear. Some people have a small part of it such that you can hardly have it pierced. anti tragus piercing. FECTAS 16G Ear Earlobe Anti Helix Conch Rook Tragus Cartilage Earrings Vertical Piercing Rings Lip Larbet Studs Monroe Medusa Piercing 3 Style Pack 6/8/10/12mm. 4.0 out of 5 stars 3. $9.99 $ 9. 99-$10.99 $ 10. 99.

The anti-tragus, much like the tragus, is a section of cartilage. If you look at your ear and put a fingertip on the tragus, you'll see a notch where the cord to an earbud would sit. On the other side of that notch is the anti-tragus, sitting just above the ear lobe. Much like the Tragus, the Anti-Tragus is usually triangular shaped.

Pin by Jennifer Gentil on Piercing ideas Ohrpiercing
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